Maria Fernanda Higginbotham

Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learning a bit about my work. About me, my maiden name is Balandra and in Spain means "small sailboat" which is why my personal brand will continue to represent me as FerBalandra.

I am a purple loving UX/UI designer trying to learn from people around me on how to create a better digital presence. From the language I use to how I approach any project, I believe that it is important to start with the end user in mind.

Everyday I learn something new on what it takes to create a user centered design and be truly inclusive.

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Things I like

  •  User Experience
    Research, Paper Wireframes, Mapping User Journeys, Rapid Prototyping
  •  User Testing
    HCD Methods, Usability Testing, Guerrilla testing, Focus Groups.
  •   HTML & CSS
    Sites from scratch, Coding using Frameworks, learning more and more
  •  Design tools
    Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Tools and Chrome Dev tools
  •  Universal Design
    Accessibility standards, Inclusive language, User first philosophy
  •   Nerding Out
    Harry Potter-Ravenclaw house, Star Wars (let's talk about Jar Jar), Fitness, Crafts